Go Power! GP-FLEX-30 30W Flexible Solar Kit w/10A PWM Controller
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  • Built to withstand Marine, RV and Long Haul Truck applications
  • Curves up to 30 degrees
  • Durable surface allows you to walk on the panel
  • Includes everything you need to install
  • 82 percent lighter than framed solar panels

The Go Power! Flex modules are designed to deal with harsh environments in the marine industry, on long haul trucks and on Recreational Vehicles. It can be adhered to the deck of a boat, an RV roof, or any surface within the panel dimensions. You will be required to provide the correct adhesive for the surface that you are attaching the panel to. It can curve up to 30 degrees allowing it to mold to any surface on trucks, RVs, boat decks and sailboat Biminis. The kit includes the GP-PWM-10 solar controller which is one of the reliable solar controllers. The solar controller is capable of handling 10 amps of solar charge, allowing you to use up to 180 watts of solar. The kit will also include a set of 25 feet #10 AWG cables to get the power from the panel to your batteries. With this you can keep your batteries charged to 100 percent without any generator noise or fuel consumed. The only maintenance is washing the panel if it gets dirty.

  • Manufacturer: Go Power
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GP-FLEX-30
  • Condition: New

Go Power! GP-FLEX-30 30W Flexible Solar Kit w/10A PWM Controller

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